Lesson Study Resources

Here’s my Prezi on Lesson Study.

Here are Lesson Study Templates developed by SMMUSD to use as resources for your own facilitation. Download and modify to fit your group. And please share how your lesson study went! bransom@smmusd.org


Selected Lesson Study Articles:

There’s a lot of info and resources on the Internet about lesson study. Some are free, some are not. Below are three links that have some great articles. If you’d like practical protocols for your lesson study, please email me bransom@smmusd.org.

PBS Podcast: What’s the Best Way to Teach Teachers?

A Public Proving Ground for Standards-Based Practice by Catherine C. Lewis

A Deeper Look at Lesson Study by Catherine Lewis, Rebecca Perry and Jacqueline Hurd

CSP Connection with several great articles.


And from John Hattie – his Visible Learning study: http://visible-learning.org/hattie-ranking-influences-effect-sizes-learning-achievement/


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