Common Core Seminar – Oxnard/CTA

Yes! Even near the end of the year, 200+ dedicated educators are working on a beautiful Saturday to better themselves and their schools.


I was happy to attend a technology session with Danesa Menge where I learned about a lot of new apps to engage students and encourage them in CCSS.

CCS 2Afterward, I led a session on Lesson Study. What a fantastic group! Some really great questions and discussion going on as to how we can work collaboratively in our schools to improve our instruction. Here’s a photo of my group watching a clip from The Teaching Channel called “My Favorite No.” It is one of the strategies we can use to encourage and normalize mistakes – because we learn SO much from them.

CCS 3Some of my participants wanted the link to my Prezi presentation so here it is here:

And then it was lunch! A beautiful spread poolside. That’s the thing about CTA’s conferences: great educators, great presentation, and great food! And so low cost! Check out those desserts!


Finally I attended George Cheung’s presentation on building a technological ecosystem. After having an iPad and “Reflector” in my classroom for over a year NOW I finally can see how I can use it! I am also taking steps toward flipping my classroom so I’ve got a lot of great ideas from Danesa and George to try out.


If you want more info on attending or presenting at these conferences – visit CTA’s Conference website! 


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