CTA’s Good Teaching Conference South 2014 – Anaheim

I got the chance to attend and present at CTA’s Good Teaching Conference South this weekend in Anaheim. So while my spouse and the girls enjoyed some Disney adventures, I presented about our lesson study and with the Teacher Leadership Cohort. I believe the attendance at the conference was around 700 (originally planned for 400). But I think with the Pre-GTC Common Core focus, teachers and schools were ready to learn all they could about CCSS.

My first session went well with a nice group of about 36. My second session was standing room only! They added about 20 chairs and closed the session. A little overwhelming, but still a good crowd. Thanks to my Principal and our Secondary Math Coordinator I had some good resources to share. Also thanks to Gabriela Orozco Gonzalez, Norma Sanchez, and Monica Cooper for the friendly faces and support in my big session (they had to con their way in!) I had a fabulous facilitator from CDE too.

GTC Pic 2

That’s me with the crowd

GTC Pic 1

John Hattie activity








It was a great experience  presenting and I also learned a lot in the sessions I attended. I would recommend any of CTA’s conferences –  great speakers! And it was a nice way to rejuvenate and refocus at this time of year (when spring fever is in full bloom). If you are interested in viewing my Prezi you can find it here

And if you want to apply for CTA’s Teacher Leadership Cohort apply here (apply by March 24, 2014) – it is an AMAZING experience.


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