Are you Brave Enough to Bungee? Lesson Study Part 2

After the success of our first lesson study we were eager for more. Not only was this successful for our students, but also for the teachers – we enjoyed collaborating and this has been ongoing through email and one planning meeting. We are all feeling more comfortable and positive about the CCSS, we work well together, we have a whole team to collaborate with, and it’s FUN! Besides, we may never have taken such a leap to try out these “new” lessons on our own without the support of our colleagues.

And speaking of  leaps, one teacher on  our team emailed this lesson:

Barbie Bungee

which I promptly ignored because let’s stop and think about this:

34 (or more) 13 and 14  year olds  +  rubber bands + Barbie dolls + kids standing on chairs, desks, ladders or possibly platforms up to 160″ off the ground = chaos (at the minimum).  Possibly disaster.

I am not brave enough to Barbie Bungee. I can honestly tell you that I would NEVER attempt to do this on my own. NEVER.EVER. EVER. The end.

But not quite the end… thanks to our lesson study team. They are eager to take the leap.

One member of our team organized Lesson Study 2 with Barbie Bungee and he even recruited another teacher. He’s facilitating this time.

So we had a planning meeting. Since the lesson is already well-planned we focused on pre-requisite knowledge, what we need to teach before the lesson, what problems we may encounter, as well as follow up, organization of materials and graphics, and we are set to go! 2 teachers will teach this on Tuesday and we will debrief and improve as we go. Thankfully I’m not teaching it this time, but at least now I am considering teaching this after I see it in action.

And now we have 2 high school colleagues coming in to be part of the observation/debrief team! So now our team has grown from 4 teachers and our secondary math coordinator to 7 teachers and our math coordinator!

Here’s two more links with modified lessons and videos if you’re interested:


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