Planning Meeting #2

Ok, we firmed up our schedule (parking, room #s, conference rooms), made observation assignments and completed our lesson planning.

Observation assignments: We wanted the observers to specifically look for:

  • teacher-student interactions
  • student-student interactions
  • student questioning

For these last two we are specifically looking at Common Core Math  Practice 3 where students explain their own thinking and critique the reasoning of others.

Lesson: We took a two day lesson and split it where we thought would be best for a “pre-lesson” and our lesson study lesson. We also talked about the feedback we wanted to give on that first lesson – and how soon we should give it. It is suggested we wait until after the second lesson.

We then created our own “Do now/Bellwork” so the students would recall the “Pre-lesson.” One of our teachers will make a handout to mimic the collaborative activity handout for this.

We are modifying the collaborative activity handout to make it more obvious and splitting it into two different colored worksheets: One for building equations and one for solving. We are also making this a partner and full group activity so we have more discussion.

We’re not sure of the timing of course, as we think it will take longer than the original lesson suggested. But that’s all part of our lesson study – to see what we need to change in between each teaching of the lesson – and that definitely includes timing.

Finally, we talked about doing a second lesson study in the spring that would involve a kinesthetic portion. Another teacher has volunteered to facilitate, so our cross-school team can continue to improve our teaching!

The subs are requested, the date is set, now to make copies and get ready to teach!


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