Movie Trailer #1: From Scatter Plots to Equations

So last we spoke we were focusing on scatter plots in December.

Now it’s equations in October!

How things change. But we wanted to work on something that was difficult for the students and scatter plots aren’t it – they “get” them pretty easily. Focusing on an area of student need is a primary goal. Though we could find more relevant data and real world applications for scatter plots (like Scholastic’s Shake it up with Scatter Plots about earthquake insurance – which is relevant especially in California), but one of our teachers found this great lesson called Building and Solving Equations 1 from the Mathematics Assessment Resource Services (MARS) where students construct and then deconstruct their own equations. It’s like wrapping and unwrapping a present. So, we are going to modify this lesson to suit our needs.

Our modified lesson will need to include:

  • 5 min warm up/bell work as a reminder from the previous lesson since we will teach the pre-lesson the week before (ah, love the block schedule).
  • 10-15 min mini lesson from “Building and Solving Equations 1”
  • 20 min collaborative activity from “Building and Solving Equations 1” – but we thought to make this a pair and then group activity (instead of individual then pair) to encourage more discussion – so we can include Common Core State Standards Practice 3: Constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others.
  • 5 min wrap up/formative assessment – we thought to have metacognitive questions for this along with their constructed and deconstructed equations.

October is a few weeks away so we had to jump on the ball and get things rolling….

We’ve scheduled our lesson link for the first week of October – same schedule as below.

And scheduled a second planning meeting for next week. We’ll firm up our lesson plan, make copies, and be ready to roll! We’ve all got some homework to do (but so do our students).

We had a very productive meeting with snacks even (thanks to our Secondary Math Coordinator), oh, and there’s a VIDEO. Yes, you can now watch how productive (and amazing) math teachers can be in the comfort of your living room! Catch it on HBO after Game of Thrones or download it on Netflix in 2014. Who doesn’t want to watch math teachers plan a lesson on a Friday night?

Actually, once all the teachers approve it, I may share it on this blog – so check back soon!

And now to reserve subs, parking spots and a meeting room… I need an assistant!

TTYNW (talk to you next week)


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